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                                                 I want to thank you for considering ( COBEX) for your business needs. At the Corporate Business Exchange, our                                                    mission statement is to help people navigate business waters that can be rugh.. We  provide a free consultation                                                      on request, we also provide support and assistance after transfer so clients  are assured that a ("COBEX")                                                              business representative will be with them before during and after they buy or sell or build their business. We pride                                                  our selves on our integrity and availability, we are always available during business hours and sometimes beyond                                                  to help our clients by answering their questions as soon as possible to ease any possible concerns.

I am Frank the President, Our founder at ("COBEX") is John Mattera a retired disabled Vietnam Veteran, he is available for free consultations. I am the managing partner, I am also a disabled Veteran, together we bring military style discipline, honor and the integrity needed to facilitate any process for our clients. You can count on us to do as we say, if we make a recommendation to someone they can be assured that it has been well thought out and that all conclusions were derived at and implemented with military precision in seeking the best possible solution to an on going concern, the the opinion if fess and the choice is yours to make. We have been in the business world since 1974, we have owned an operated many businesses over these years, we have a history of decision making and problem solving, this is why we are better positioned to offer opinions or solutions than most others, the final say is the owners and they alone win or lose from their choices.

Our services include but are not limited to - consulting for

Wholesale                          Route development                Business development             Phone marketing               Risk assessment

Distribution                         Business plans                       Plan validation                          Patent options                   Consolidation

Internal Investigation          External Investigation            Expansion                                 Product launching             Business sales

​Manufacturing                    Route sales                            Credit repair                              Franchise sales                 Door to door marketing   

Unlock hidden value           Market assessment               Food brokering                          Service brokering              Introductions

Route development            Route expansion                    Product branding                      Phase 1 evaluations          Business expansion


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